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History of the Russian army navy striped shirts

From the french striped marinière to russian fufaika

Нас мало, но мы в тельняшках!

White and navy blue striped shirts were introduced to Russian sailors by Dutch and French merchants, whit whom they traded with. These comfortable shirts made out of wool and cotton allowed for more freedom of movements, protection from the wind and cold. Sailors lost at sea or working on the mast could be spotted more easily thanks to the horizontal stripes.

The real history of the striped blue russian shirt telnyashka

How many colors of telnyashka exist?

Telnyashkas come in different colors, one for each army group

The first telnyashkas were knit in white and navy blue color, a mixture of cotton and wool.

After WW2 paratroopers adopted a sky blue telnyashka to commemorate USSR Major General Lisov's first attack after an air-water landing exercise.

From there on, the colors of telnyashkas have been defined as:

Please note that as of today, according to the official ministry of defense drecrees on uniforms, black striped telnyashkas are not officially used by any branch of the navy or the army.

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REAL Telnyashkas are knit in a russian factory where telnyashkas used to be made during the CCCP era.

These russian striped shirts are knit according to the submarine standard, with a mixture of 50% cotton and 50% wool.

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